Shaft Sinking Applications

The Yamamoto ultra-large rock splitter is ideal for sinking shafts in hard rock when blasting is not allowed or otherwise feasible.

The mounting and powering of the splitter will depend on the size of the shaft. For very small shafts, the splitter can be mounted on a crane and powered from an external power pack. If the space allows for it, the splitter can be mounted on a small excavator.

The same work process is followed as for open pit excavation. The challenge with shaft sinking is that new free face has to be created as the excavation progresses. Free face can be created by doing slot drilling, either with standard crawler drill or with core drill. Slot drilling involves drilling overlapping holes to create a continuous slot. Another option is to drill multiple holes in very close proximity and then use splitter and rock breaker to clear out a pit of roughly one m3 surface.

There is also a challenge with maintaining the perimeter of the shaft. The cleanest perimeter is created by drilling holes with very short distance along the perimeter. Trimming with rock breaker or even handheld splitters may be required.