Yamamoto Carrier YTB-1120

For horizontal applications such as tunneling, the Yamamoto Ultra Large Rock Splitter needs a tailor-made mount with the following features:
-     Telescopic function for inserting the wedge set into the split hole
-     Rotation for controlling the splitting direction
-     Side-angling (tilting) for inserting the splitter without moving the undercarriage
-     Free play left/right and up/down to allow for small deviations in angle
-     Multiple hydraulic valves for controlling all functions
-     Double acting, high-pressure hydraulics

The YTB-1120 is a tailor-made carrier which meets all the above criteria and is the most suitable for the Yamamoto Rock Splitter HRB-1000. It is based on a standard excavator but with a modified arm system and hydraulics.

Rotation unit

Side angling

Telescopic boom